Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mr empire.

a piece that i finally got around to scanning. 12x12in
i like incorporating gold leaf in my art. unfortunately it dont scan too good, but it was the gold that made this one work for me. this collage isnt sold so if interested, drop an email. u give me dollars - i give u art


Art Fan Ako said...

I enjoyed your blog tour... like the flash of colored lights. Cool style you got.

SteveLambe said...

I had that same feeling after eating at Don CuCu's ;)

Great design on the head piece, Timothy.

-The other Lambe.

Jason Scheier said...

I remember thiiiis guy!

Eric Zen said...

ahhhh id totally buy that if i had tha dollah bills yo.

Art of Joshua De Leon said...

Man Tim.......This is jaw droppin good....I'm jealous....

Jelter said...

awesome stuff, there's a ton of range on your blog and it's all good.

perla said...

Sorry,i can`t speak english.
But....Hola Tim,sinceramente me parece super enriquecedor tu trabajo.
Es una lastima que estes tan tan lejos,seria buenisimo que dieras clases.
Visite todos tus trabajos y no hay desperdicio alguno.
Es fascinante tu estilo general,no falla(el color,la linea,la composicion,los titulos!!)Gigante!

perla said...

Hi Tim, honestly I think your work super rich.
It is a shame that these so far, It would be fantastic to give classes.
Check all your work and there is no waste whatsoever.
Your style is fascinating generally succeeds (color, line, composition, qualifications!) Giant!

Hans said...

Interesting artwork! I really dig it.


RYAN said...

Very awesome. Really digging these.

Anonymous said...


A said...

I like it a lot :)

i'm not a crook said...

love the art homie. caught up with you via proteus mag.

-kyle mosher

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Shelley Whiting said...

I love this drawing. It's very funky and surreal. Beautiful and amazing work.

Usama Azeem said...

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