Monday, August 22, 2011


so why is this post called england you ask? well, the song "England" by the National has lyrics that speak to me. the song gives me feelings of sorrow but also gratefulness too. one of those songs that kinda borough into your heart. anyways, the song reminds me of a friend i used to know (lyrics below).
ALSO! this post is a sneak peak into a sketchbook/scrapbook project im planning to publish before the end of the year. its taken me a long time to warm up to the idea of publishing. my work is very personal and there are confidence issues and stuff with my work and im insecure about my subject matter, and all that makes me uncomfortable. but the art i am doing is coming from a real place in my soul so i feel responsible to be honest towards it. so im gonna make a book and publish it anyways.
 sometimes art inspires music, sometimes music inspires art. this is a case of the latter. i think maybe the lyrics pulled the sorrow and eccentricity out of me. here is the result:
  (abbreviated) lyrics by The National:
Someone send a runner through the weather that I'm under
for the feeling that I lost today
Summer sent a runner for the feeling that I lost today

Put an ocean and a river between everybody else
Between everything, yourself, and home

You must be somewhere in London, 
you must be loving your life in the rain
You must be somewhere in London, 

walking Abbey Lane

Famous angels never come through England
England gets the ones you never need
I'm in a Los Angeles cathedral
Minor singing airheads sing for me

Put an ocean and a river between everybody else
Between everything, yourself, and home

Listen to the full track here


Xavier Yabut said...

Great sketches!

Ben Newman said...

beautiful work! That last one is great.

JJ said...

WOW /!/!/!// these drawings make me want to Drawdrawdraw!!!!/!/!/!//!/!/!/!//!/!/! Drawdrawdraw and LUST !//!/!/!/!/! D GOOD STUFF /!/!/!/!/

free bitch said...

Your work is amazing, is the last one a girlfriend? :)

Mark Kjærgaard said...

good news with the publishing part, can't wait to get my hands into that stuff! And the pieces in this post are great aswell :)

Nick Jobbings said...

I hear you bra. Art has got to come from the soul, and all art involves baring some of your soul, props for doing so. Music is what pushes me to make art and I'd like to make art that makes you feel the way a piece of music can, (though I dont really think this is possible). keep up the great work.

Timothy J Lamb said...

thanks everyone.. working hard on my book!!!

Jason Norton said...

Lookin forward to the book! Awesome as always!

Anonymous said...

So eloquently and beautifully put, Sharky. Both you and your artwork have gone through so many great stages since I've known you, and I am really excited to see it all compiled together into what I would consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments. After all, what entitles someone to be a great artist is the fact that their work depicts a part of their soul. Bravo.

Jillian Knox Finley said...

a beautiful song & exciting news. bout time you published

Melvina said...

ooh yes music video worthy... I love The National! and your work too!

Amazing Love said...

Soothly and wonderfully set, Sharky. Anyone with a graphics already went through a a lot of great steps given that I've known you, with this particular seriously thrilled to view all this produced collectively into a few things i would have to say is each of your biggest feats.
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